Ask for Money from the Rich

Are you looking for money from the rich? Here in this blog post, we are going to cover,

  1. The 3 ways to ask for money from the rich

  2. How to find the rich to ask money(online+offline methods)

  3. How to contact the rich person to ask for money online without rejection.

Yes!! You can ask for money from the rich.

But If you don’t know the way to ask money from the rich unfortunately you will be rejected.

Ok!! Let’s follow this post step by step to avoid rejection!!

Dollar Money

There are mainly three ways to ask money from the rich.

  1. Ask money as an investment
  2. Ask money for service or product that you offer
  3. Ask money as a Donation or loan

First, we are going to cover how to ask money as an investment.,

1. Ask money as an investment


I know sometimes great business ideas come to your mind.

But unfortunately, do you often give up your great business ideas because you do not have the capital to start a business?

Here you have an option!!

Most rich people have their own venture Capital programs, Crowdfunding programs.

Simply Venture Capital is a form of organization that provide investors to startup companies and small businesses

But usually, crowdfunding is more entrepreneur-friendly than traditional venture capital funding.

Because raising via VC usually mean entrepreneur want to follow the terms and valuation of the investor.

If you need money to raise your business ask money from their venture capital programs, crowdfunding programs to invest in your business or project.

Additionally, VC exchange money for the share of your company.

You can use various online platforms to find venture Capital programs and crowdfunding programs.

Create a great business plan. Then ask for money from the rich for your projects.

The next way is,

2.Exchange money for value

Exchange Idea for Money

Rich people also work hard to earn money and they do not give money to everyone that asks without fair reason.

So you can request money for the product or service that you offer.

provide something valuable for them.

I think this is the best way to ask for money from the rich.

Here are some of the products and services to get an idea.

Most time they are busy with their business and other stuff.

They hire someone to work for them. 

    • Be a Holiday Decorator.
    • Provide a handmade Christmas tree for $20,000
    • Be a next-Level Personal Shopper for them.

The third way is,

3. Ask money as a Donation or Loan

In another way, sometimes they give money to students, homeless people, and poor peoples as a donation.

If you are looking for money from a donation ask money from their charity programs.

Simply a charity is an organization that raises money in order to help peoples.

Note Don’t ask money for your desires like buying a Bugatti. Be honest to ask for money only for your survival as a donation.

If you have a steady source of income and have decided to falsely seek help from the rich, they can take legal action against yourself if you get caught.

The rich donate only to those in genuine need of money.

But you can ask them for a job that pays better than what you currently earn if you need more money.

Here is a list of people who can get financial help from the rich.

    • People who are in serious health and cannot get help elsewhere.
    • Physically challenged / disabled people.
    • People who live on the street and want to live a better life if they have the money.
    • People who have good business ideas but do not have the money to implement ideas.
    • People who have genuine expectations but no longer have money for education.

Find Rich to ask money

There are lots of rich peoples out there.

Make sure that he can give an amount that you need.

You can contact them directly through the personal emails of these rich people. But often, since these emails are not made public, the best way is to contact them via email for their charity programs if you are looking for a donation.

If you are looking for capital to raise on your business or investment contact them via venture capital programs or their crowdfunding programs.

Here is the world’s richest people list of Forbes.

You can find their venture capital programs, crowdfunding programs, charity organization on search engines like Google.

We discussed earlier the best way to reach the rich for financial assistance.

Let’s follow the following tips to contact them without rejection.

However, follow the steps below to submit a strong email to get the financial help you need.

Contact rich to ask for money

Here are some guidelines to follow when composing your email.

  1. Inform you have reasonable cause.
    • It is true that they have a lot of wealth. But they work hard to earn that money, they are also human beings and therefore cannot give money to everyone who asks.  Be informed that you have reasonable cause to ask for money. Again, for example, it’s better to say you need help with a study sponsorship than to say you need help buying a Bugatti.
  2. Be honest
    • Do not lie in your request and It is also a legal offense to seek false financial aid.
  3. Be polite 
    • Being polite is very important. They are their money. They are not obligated to provide money to you. Your politeness will motivate them to help you.
  4. Keep your request clear and short
    • Because they don’t have time to read long letters or emails.
    • Clearly say how much you need, What are your goal and your current circumstance.
  5. Be professional 
    • your email should want to be formal. Do not write the way you write to your family or friend. Another thing to consider when writing is to use proper English, minimize grammatical errors as much as possible, and avoid using other unofficial languages.
  6. Add more visual content to explain
    • For example Photographs, charts can easily make an image on their mind because they are easy to read, and furthermore, make sure to add your contact details.
  7. Use an appropriate email subject
    • Wealthy people receive thousands of such emails every day. So if you want your email to get attention quickly, be sure to choose a suitable email subject. The subject should be simple but give a good explanation. 
  8. Reread before you send
    • As mentioned earlier, make sure you send an email with minimal grammatical and language errors.
  9. Send in working office hour
    • I think the best time to send an email is in the morning.

Let’s write a formal e-mail.

If you are accustomed to writing casual emails to friends and family, you may find it difficult to write a formal email properly.

But formal email is best when you send an email to someone you don’t know well and for business occasions.

When you write an email, consider the following:

  1. Subject Line of the email
    • The subject line is the first thing that they see in their inbox. If the subject line is misleading or missing information, your email will go to spam or the message will be skipped. Write a simple, clear subject line.person check gmail
  2. Salutation 
    • Salutation addresses the person you are sending the email to directly.
  3. Introduction
    • Here write who you are. Include your name, basic information, and reason for sending the email in the first paragraph.
  4. Content 
    • In the second paragraph, the reason for the need for money should be fully explained. If the paragraph is too large, you can split it into two paragraphs.
  5. Closing 
    • Add contact information to contact you back. Here’s an example,
    • Sincerely,

[Your name goes here]

 [Your e-mail address goes here]

[phone number goes here]



Why rich people give money to strangers?

One of the major reasons is they are satisfied with their financial wealth but they need their life satisfaction.

Most of them say they feel good when they help others.

Sometimes they give money to others because they need to build their social status.

They have more than they need and they help people who do not have enough.

Can I ask a rich person for money?

yes!! you can ask through email or letter.

There are mainly three ways to ask money from the rich.

  1. Ask money as an investment
  2. Ask money for service or product that you offer
  3. Ask money as a Donation or loan

Do millionaires give away money?

Millionaires and billionaires have more money than they need. Then, for the satisfaction of life, they give money to those who have reasonable financial needs. Many rich people want to solve the world’s problems.


In this article, we covered mainly three ways to ask money from the rich, how to find the rich to ask for money, how to contact them via formal e-mail.

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bye…See you in the next article.

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