NFT is everywhere!!

As an enthusiast of making money online, I saw many more peoples now talk about NFT on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Forums everywhere.

So I also get my head in to know what’s that f**ing NFT.

Here Is what I found.

So before getting started, if you heard the word NFT today let’s get a quick overview.

📝Quick note to NFT

When cryptocurrencies come into the game most of us never buy them.

In the beginning, the value is low and it’s gone up over time.

Now, who bought them earlier spent their rest of life as billionaires.

Some NFT can be the same.

If you have extra money to invest here, do research, learn more, and invest now!!

🤷‍♂️What is NFT?

What is NFT

If I expand 3 letters inN-F-T it means Non-fungible tokens.

Simply NFT is digital content that is valued with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

It can be illustration, digital art, or even pixel art of the face of a monkey banana or something like that.

Yeah yeah, these things are sold online!!

So I know your next question is  “who bought the NFT for 69 million?”

💰Who bought the NFT for 69 million?

So really why do people buy NFT?

The answer is some people buy NFT’s as investments. They think the price of these NFT goes up and up over time.👨‍💻

Then some peoples buy them to show their status or as a collectible.

So I know you never need to know the story of the NFT.

Let’s dig into how to make money from that huge opportunity?

This is my personal thought I don’t it works for you or not.

Try these things if you are interested!!

💲How to make money with NFT?

Beginners Guide to NFT

Mainly I see 3 ways to make money with NFTs.

  1. Buy hold and sell
  2. Create your own NFT’s & a list to sell
  3. Create NFT’s for others

1.Buy hold and sell

As I mention an earlier lot of e-money enthusiasts are now coming into theirs.

If you go there earlier you can buy them for a low price and then sell for a high price for those who come late.

I don’t know if this bubble or whatever.

Get a rough idea from this, study more and get in the play!!

2. Create your own NFT’s & a list to sell

The second way is to create your own NFT’s and list them on NFT sites such as

You can use tools like illustrator, online platforms like Pixel art to create them.

If you have a bit more programming knowledge there are NFT generating tools out there.

Try them out!!

3. Create NFT’s for others

As I mention an earlier lot of people are getting into their now!

But they haven’t the ability to create these digital NFTs.

Did you see the opportunity there?

Yep, there is a huge demand for NFT designers.

So design NFT’s for them and make money.

All you need to do now is list your NFT creation service on online sites like Fiverr, freelancer, and many more freelancing platforms out there.

Also, you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram too.

`Create some sample work and post them in it.

If you haven’t the ability to make them then hire a local designer in your nearest print shop.

You can get 1000$ project then after giving 500$ to your local designer or your designing partner their is $500 profit in your hand.🤑

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