I got to our retail store today and it’s completely messed.

My mother was almost there and she operates it alone without any helper.

So sometimes it’s hard to find items that customers ask for.

The huge difference between supermarket vs mini-grocery in your village is a supermarket is attractive clean and most time that soloes operating small shop is a mess.

However, it’s great you decided to clean your retail store after years of years after doing only sales and making money. (Just kidding)

Here today I’m covering a checklist to keep your shop/business space clean

Retail Store Daily Cleaning

Retail Store Daily Cleaning Checklist

1. Remove all empty packagings

Instead of anything first thing that I did is remove all empty packaging materials out there like empty boxes, empty bottles, etc.

After removing all of these things I got extra huge space in my shop.

And customers can see products and different items in the shop well than before and access easily.

That’s cause to more sales.

Why do you keep these things without any value or profit?

My mother keeps most of these things actually these lot of packaging materials are so beautiful and eye-catching.

When I throw them into the dustbin she says never remove them because we can put something there.

2. Keep dustbin there

The other thing is every time lot of garbage collected on shops. If you didn’t have a dustbin you keep them rubbish everywhere around the shop and Unknowingly it messes your shop.

So keep the dustbin in your store.

If your store/shop is huge then keep more than one.

And if you can keep dustbins for plastic, polythene, and parers separately you can sell them to garbage trucks as well.

Another thing is to make sure to remove rubbish that collect on dustbins daily.

I see some stores’ dustbins are smaller than a load of rubbish.

Because I think they didn’t remove their daily basis.

3. Reorganize at the end

This is the other most important thing that you want to care about.

If you get something to show your customers keep them again in their own place.

If it’s hard reorganize and keep your products in the right places after the end of the day.

This can take 30min after your shop close.

But the impact of this to you business value than these 30 mins.

4. Light your store well

This is not going with the topic.

But the thing that you expect from this post is how to keep your store clean and beautiful.

So lightning is the thing that can’t talk about.

So did you notice the supermarkets have bright light it’s even morning or daytime?

The theory behind this is simple.

So what did you do if you want to find a needle on the floor in a dark room?

You turn on the light!!

Because now you can find a needle more easily.

As it lots of products out in the stores like needles. To get customers’ attention that you Neet to light your store well.

5. Don’t attach every promotional shit that companies give

This is the hell man.

Companies in the same industry have a competition to sell more of their products.

They hang posters, cutouts, a lot of steel nonsense all over your stores to promote their products.

But sometimes these promotional items mess your store.

A few months ago the hotel that was near our grocery got a refrigerator from a soft drink company.

After a few weeks another one from another competitor company.

Now they have 2 unnecessary bullshit extra refrigerators there without the default one they have.

Let me know how it makes you mess.

It gets extra space from your store that can store more products.

And also cost money to keep it.

So how?

Because now extra two refrigerators and they need electricity to work.

That’s why should need to care about what’s in your store.

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