Why Everything is Made in China

Is everything made in china?

China has been at the center of the global supply chain for more than a decade, and today almost everything is manufactured in China. For example, about 80 percent of toys are made in China. This is because even though the home country of the product brand is a country like the United States or Taiwan, they outsources the production to China.

When I’m in college, as I mention above, all of my school supplies, electronics, and even toys were made in China and a kid in me always wondered why everything is made in China,

And why not somewhere else?

Also, when I was a kid the first English sentence that I learned was not about daddy or mommy.

The first English sentence that I learned was written all over my toys and it was Made in China.

Here in this blog post, I’m going to tell you the mind-blowing answer that I found for the above question!!

The country that china works in ways that I’ve never, ever seen before.


Why Everything is Made in China?

China made everything because china has a large labor force and they work hard. They work fast. They work cheaply. The government supports them and they also have the ability to imitate.

There are a billion Chinese peoples and they build everything from skyscrapers to laptops to iPhones to stupid plastic toys.

To make this in a different country then that country needs to be better, faster, and cheaper than here in china.

And from What I see…

that’s a really hard thing to do!

That is why everything was not made in somewhere else!!

Let’s go deep

Chinese People work hard

The Chinese economy has taken a big leap in the last 10 years but they still work hard.

Why they work hard?

There is still pressure in the country as a large population in the country shares a limited amount of resources.

 So that reason makes competition in them.

Also when they got rich, they work hard for fear of losing what they have.

It’s not only for better pay but also for their mentality and workplace culture also already set for the hard work.

So they work harder to get rid of the feeling of insecurity.

But it is not only for better pay.

Their mentality and workplace culture also help them to work hard.

The recent static shows Chinese people work an average of 46 hours per week.

‌This system is called the “996 working hour system”.

996 working hour system

996 Working Hour System China

The 996 working system is a work schedule commonly used by some companies in China.

According to this system, employees work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days per week.

They work fast

The best example of this is the hospitals they are building to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic.

China suddenly built new hospitals, and workers worked tirelessly to complete them as fast as they can.

They built two new hospitals with 1,000-1,300 beds, one built in six days, and the second in 15 days.

I think you can get more ideas about how they work fast after watching the following video below.

They have a Cheap labor force

Chinese cheap labor force is one of the main factor behind their economic miracle.

According to that reason, a lot of companies prefer to build their factories in china.

I think this is the main reason for calling China a world’s factory.

If you have a question as to why everything is made in China, here is the one story you ever need to read.

If you look at the back of the box when you unpacked your iPhone, you will see this: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.”

Speaking at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou in early December, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook explained: Why iPhones Are Made In China

 “number one attraction is the quality of people”

“It’s an extraordinarily China has the extraordinary skills and so what probably the part that is the most unknown is there are almost two million application developers in China that write apps for the IOS App Store and these are some of the most innovative mobile apps in the world and the entrepreneurs that run them are some of the most inspiring and entrepreneurial in the world those are sold not only here but exported around the world also in the manufacturing space China has moved into very advanced manufacturing and so you find in China the sort of the intersection of craftsmen kind of skill and sophisticated robotics and sort of the computer science world that intersection which is very very rare to find anywhere that that kind of skill which is very important for Apple”

They have the ability to imitation

When I was a student all of my teachers told me that I shouldn’t copy my classmates!!

Because according to them copying is a bad thing!!

But here in China, it seems like copying is not that bad.

Because everywhere people are copying products from the west!

The entire market is just copying products of luxury brands details for details!!!

There are electronic stores thinking that it’s Apple because they have new MacBooks, old MacBooks, and iPhone X but turns out it is not Apple.

It is a copy of Apple!!

The only difference between products is what’s inside, the logo and the price!

Here on the streets, we can see towns that look like Paris and cars that look like Tesla!

But actually, it is not a Paris or Tesla and both are copies of Paris and Tesla!!

They have Industrial Background

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the government has invested heavily in machinery and manufacturing infrastructure.

They build many roads and seaports.

They also worked to establish special economic zones removing customs duties and income taxes in major coastal cities.

what is made in china?

Here are list of products made in china with famous Chinese manufacturing cities.

Shenzhen – Electronics

Shenzhen is called the electronics manufacturing hub of the world.

Yangjiang – Knives

Yangjiang is the place for knives. They produce different types of knives, scissors, and those types of stainless steel products.

Zengcheng – Jeans

Guangzhou Zengcheng city is famous for its jeans.

According to the estimates 260 million pairs of jeans are annually made in Zengcheng city in China. According to Examinechina, It is 60% of the total Chinese jeans production.

Guangzhou – Clothing

Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province.

There are many industries but Guangzhou is mostly famous for the garment industry.

Foshan – Furniture

 This place is famous for manufacturing furniture and they also make electric appliances in this city.

Shantou – Toys

Chenghai Shantou is famous for its toys and gift items.

Educational Toys, Remote Control Toys, Wooden Toys, Children’s Books, and the variety of gift items and everything making in these zone in china.

Dongguan Dalang – Knitwear

Over 3,200 knitting factories are in there.

The largest wool wholesale market is also located in Dalang, china.

Zhongshan – lighting

All the lighting related products are making Guzhen town in Zhongshan.

Zhongshan city is called the “lighting capital of China”.

They also export their products to over 130 countries in the world.

Jieyang – Jade & Stainless steel products

This zone is producing jade and stainless steel products. They also have more than 100 years of history for producing jade products.

Hangzhou – Silk

Hangzhou port city is the major hub for silk production and is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province East China.

The port city of Hangzhou is a major center for silk production and the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province in eastern China.

This city also is known as the ‘House of Silk’.

Hangzhou‘s history of foreign trade is thousands of years old.

This port city’s location is one of the main reasons why it has been a natural trading center since ancient times.

Wenzhou – Shoes

Wenzhou is an industrial port city in China’s Zhejiang province.

This city is known as the Capital of Shoes.

There are 4,500 shoe manufacturing businesses, more than 900 of which are for children’s shoes.

Several major shoe brands in China, making their products in Wenzhou.

Huzhou Zhili – Kid’s & Children’s clothing

Huzhou City of Zihili district is the largest children’s clothing base in China and it is the home to all types of children’s clothing.

Shaoxing City of Keqiao – Textiles

The world’s largest textile procurement market is in there.

More than ten thousand suppliers, more than thirty thousand types of fabrics, and a daily volume of about one hundred thousand.

Shaoxing city of Shangyu District – Umbrellas

Over 1200 umbrella manufacturing and sales enterprises

are there.

Yiwu -Small commodities

Ningbo – small appliances

Ningbo is one of the top three home appliance manufacturing bases in China.

Small household appliances, cookware, and these types of items making there.

There are over 3,000 home appliance manufacturers and about 10,000 coordinating factories that manufacture electrical components and accessories.

Haining – Leather

Manufacturers in Haining are the leaders in the leather industry both in China and worldwide.

Danyang – Eyewear & tools

Danyang city’s main industries are prescription spectacles, auto parts tools and hardware.

Donghai of Lianyungang city – Crystal raw materials

Donghai (East China Sea) is the world’s leading natural crystal raw material distribution center and is also known as “China’s crystal city”.

There are more than three hundred crystal processing enterprises located in this area.

Jingdezhen – Ceramics

Jingdezhen, also known as the capital of porcelain, has a history of nearly 1700 years for pottery production.

Fuzhou – building materials

The city of Fuzhou is famous for its building materials.

IT, metallurgy, food processing, and textile industries also in there.

Quanzhou – clothing & textiles

According to Wikipedia, Quanzhou textile and apparel production accounts for 10% of China’s total apparel production.


According to Britannica.com, the city is known for its woven handicrafts,hand-painted wooden block prints, terra-cotta statues, and extensive seafood.

Percentage of products made in china

ProductAmount (Annually)Percentage of the product(Annually)
Personal computers 286.2 million90.6% (in 2014)
Global mobile phones1.77 billion70.6%
Air conditioners109 billion80%
coal (oil equivalent)1.8 billion tons48.2%
Ships766 million tons of vessels45.1%
Solar cells hits 21.8 million kW80%
Cement1.8 billion tons60%
Energy-saving lamps4.3 billion80%
Shoes 12.6 billion63%
Source – https://www.chinadaily.com.cn

Conclusion-‌Why everything is made in China.

‌Today in this blog post we discussed, Why everything is made in China and famous Chinese manufacturing cities and their main products.

China works hard, fast, cheaply, and the country has an industrial background. The government also helps them.

That’s why ‌Why everything is made in China.

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