How to Get First Order on Fiverr 2021

After listing gig on Fiverr the second problem that most beginners have is how to get the first order on Fiverr.

Before a few years when I started on Fiverr, I also face this same problem too.

Sometimes weeks, months can go to get your first order if you didn’t do anything other than listing.

Really some of the niches on Fiverr are too competitive right now.

And this happens because at the starting you haven’t reputation and trust.

That’s why most sellers post fake reviews when starting.

But here we are going to cover genuine ways to get your first order on Fiverr.

how to get first order on Fiverr 

  1. Show your Skills 
  2. Be active on fiverr
  3. Promote your gigs
  4. Create portfolio
  5. Send buyer request
  6. Create your gig professionally

Show your Skills 

How to Get First Order on Fiverr
How to Get First Order on Fiverr

On Fiverr you exchange your skills for money.

Before you do anything make sure to be an expert in your niche.

Before I write this blog post I published a video editing gig on Fiverr to get a few data for this post.

I have basic video editing skills but am not an expert video editor.

I directly didn’t get any order and after 2-3 days video editing-related buyer requests are shown on my profile.

Most of the requests on there can’t be done with basic skills. That’s why I say skill is key to success on Fiverr.

 Be active on fiverr

If you are active more and more on Fiverr, it gives extra opportunities to get orders on Fiverr.

Now there is an option buyers can filter sellers who are online.

To be active on Fiverr I suggest you download Fiverr app and make sure to stay with Fiverr as much as you can with it.

Also being active on Fiverr helps you to keep a 100% response rate too.

Create portfolio

As I mentioned above his Instagram is also a good example for portfolio.

There are many more portfolio sites like Dribbble that popular among many designers.

You can also use your own website as your portfolio.

Link your gigs to these portfolios.

When buyers ask for sample works send your portfolio link to them.

Promote your gigs

Social media is one of the best places to promote your gigs.

A few days ago I noticed cool digital drawings on Instagram and then I went to his profile.

He draws digital art for photos that we give.

He is also a freelancer. I think he promote his freelance profile and also noticed many peoples are asking price in comments.

I’m pretty sure If I want digital art I go back to account again because his works are professional and clean!!

Send buyer request

What is Fiverr

If you correctly approach buyer requests and your gigs are professional, there is much more chance to get orders from buyer requests.

I got my First order on Fiverr through a buyer request for one of my logo design gigs.

I offer unlimited revisions for him because when you working on first order make sure to satisfy your buyer and collect positive reviews.

Try to deliver more than you charge!!

When you send buyer requests keep your message simple and make sure to look professional.

Clearly write what you offer and what’s not.

Give an overview of how you are going to it and mention the abilities that you have to do his work.

Create your gig professionally

Mainly when creating your gig professionally there are 2 things to care about.

  1. Gig images/Videos

2. Gig description

Use high-quality gig images. One image worth thousand of words.

If you haven’t the ability to create professional gig images hire Fiverr seller to do it.

The gig description is also very important.

Don’t write it with broken language. You can hire Fiverr seller also for that.

I highly suggest you use the AIDA technique to create your gigs.

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