Here in this post we are going to cover best freelance jobs for students 🙂

Freelancing is one of the best way that students can make money.

Because while you studying It’s can’t work on a full-time job and most part-time jobs are pay less.

But with freelancing, you can mark the price according to your skill level.

And the other thing is students are busy with their studies, exams assignments, and making money as student freelancing is the best.

Because you can work from home and you didn’t need to invest a huge amount of money to start.🤑

Another thing is freelance is the low-risk way because you didn’t have to lose your money through that.

Freelance Jobs for Students
Freelance Jobs for Students

Freelance Jobs for Students

1. Graphic design

If you are interested in graphic design it is the greatest way to start freelancing as a student.

When I’m at the college when I decided to start freelancing I also choose logo designing to start.😎

Become Logo Designer
Become Logo Designer

Not only that there are many more niches are in graphic design.

Flyer designing, Business cards, postcards are a few trending niches right now.

On another side, as a student, you didn’t need fancy tools and equipment to enter graphic design.

I use adobe illustrator to create logos. But you can get started with free tools like GIMP, Inkspace too.

2. Writer

Not only for students this is the greatest way to make money as a freelancer.

Because demand for writing services never ends.

There are a lot of subcategories in the writing field.

As a student, I think you have a great ability to write.

In here English is our second language. One of my friend helps to write university assignments and offer proofreading services and she makes the recent amount of money now and still she is a student.

Iwriter is one of the best sites for writers.

Average Freelance Writer Salary

3. Online Tutor

While studying you can also teach others online.

With this pandemic season, there is high demand for online learning.

Why you didn’t get this advantage?

Not only for exam target subjects but there is also a demand for music instrument tutors, programming tutors many more.

One of my friends in the UK hires a tutor to teach him to draw digital arts through Fiverr. I know now he works with him than 2 months now.

Choose something that you are fluent in and teach it to others.

As I mention earlier English is not our primary language. My friend who is fluent in English and our local language do classes for English medium students there. He doesn’t do it through the freelance website but promote them online to get more students.

4. Data entry

When I enter freelancing I have two options.

One is data entry and another one is graphic design.

I never have any other skills to sell online.

But I choose a graphic design because others said data entry is an outdated method.

But that’s wrong.

Yep, there is high demand for the graphic design than data entry.

But if you didn’t have the professional skills to get started data entry is not bad.

Check gigs on Fiverr, and there are 1-2 orders in the queue at some gigs every time I watch their gigs.

On the other hand, data entry also didn’t need a lot of paid tools and software and computer, internet connection is enough.

But when I compare it to field like graphic design there is nothing more thing to learn in data entry. That’s the thing that I see as cons of data entry.

5. Video editing

Now a lot of students have youtube channels.

That means most of them have the ability to edit videos.

So, I choose video editing also as a great freelance job for students.

But at this you need a much powerful PC, laptop for speed & smooth editing, rendering processes.

When I publish one of my gigs related to video editing on Fiverr I got older to edit podcast videos for youtube.

He has raw files from different camera angles and he needs to smooth video mixing to switch this camera angle according to their talk.

However, I haven’t been able to edit the entire video as he wants and I gave it to a professional video editor as a suborder.

6. Website Developer

If you are a techy student and have the ability to programing, web development is good for you.

I haven’t had personal experience in that field.

In here, not only from freelancing there are many more opportunities if you know programming.

Few months ago I noticed one of my Facebook friend posted mail of receiving $3000(I didn’t remember the number…nearly🤔) from a Google summer of code project that he did.

So, He also works on the site for an hourly rate while studying to be a software engineer.

Average web developer Salary

7. Social Media Manager

Today it’s hard to find students who didn’t present on social media.

While wasting time scrolling social media there are opportunities to make money on social media.

If you know how to run a Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Instagram why you didn’t make money through it?

I and my friend create Facebook pages since we were in grade 9.

In that time getting like’s and growing page is quit fun for us.

We never think to make money from that and we do it for fun.

To start this blog, I get experience from that Facebook pages.

I started this blog based on the experience that I got running these Facebook pages.

Learn how do design post,videos,Shedule posts and other basics and list your service on freelancing website to make money trough it.

Best Freelance Websites for Beginners

If you are almost new to freelancing here are the best freelancing websites for beginner students.


What is Fiverr

If you are a completely beginner at freelancing and as a student, I highly suggest getting started with Fiverr.

Because it’s easy to set up an account and list your services there.

And the other thing is website interface is quite simple to work with.

I also start my freelancing journey on Fiverr. is also one of the major site in this field.

When I started as a beginner that site didn’t work for me.

But there are many more beginners’ successes on there.

I don’t know which site fits you most.

List your service on all of these sites, it doesn’t cost money.


According to my experience, Upwork is also a bit harder than Fiverr.

But as I mentioned earlier you can list your services on these websites for free.

So, get the advantage of that.


If you are a writer I think that is also a good website to work on.

In here you can charge according to your skills and for your word count as a writer.

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