How to Ask for Google Reviews

In this post, we will cover How to Ask for Google Reviews.

It’s no secret that Google is the most used search engine.

We mentioned in a previous post how to list a business in Google.

The number of reviews is one of the most important factors to To show your business at the top in Google, surpassing other businesses.

Also, by increasing the number of Google reviews, you can increase the visibility of your business over the Internet as well as build more trust in customers to buy a product.

In this guide, we are going to cover,

  • why are google reviews important?
  • how to ask for google reviews?

why are google reviews important?

The credibility of your business is a powerful factor in determining whether a customer will buy a product from your business or not.

Reviews of those who deal with your business are a powerful reason to build such credibility.

If most people have great experience with your business, they will have a positive review of your business.

In the past, this review was shared orally, but now customers can submit a review of the business online based on their experience through tools such as Google.

So many people now search for that business on Google before buying something to view Google reviews.

If the customer’s Google reviews about your business are positive, your business will gain a lot of credibility online.

Google reviews are also very important to rank your business at the top of Google Local search results.

how to ask for google reviews?

8 ways to request Google reviews correctly.

  1. Via a text message
  2. By email
  3. Through the Facebook page
  4. Via the YouTube channel
  5. Via a business website
  6. Via a phone call
  7. By Receipt / Invoice
  8. By direct request

Via a text message

First you need to collect the customer’s mobile number to send an SMS.

Now you have a question how to get customers phone numbers?

Below are 5 tricks you can use to get customer phone numbers.

  1. Run campaign in your store
  2. Use your business app
  3. Request phone number when customers call your customer service
  4. Request phone number via your business website
  5. Use eCommerce checkout to collect phone no.

You can use this phone number to send an SMS requesting a Google review.

By email

Today, many business websites and business apps collect customers’ emails by providing useful resources (coupons, ebooks).

If you already have an email list of your customers, you can request a Google review via email.

Be sure not to spam when sending emails.

Here is the email template you can use for Ask for Google Reviews.

Hi [First name],

First of all, thank you for dealing with [BUSINESS NAME].

To provide you with a better quality service/product
Our customer feedback is very valuable and we would love to hear your feedback as a valued customer of our company. Use the link below to share your thoughts about [BUSINESS NAME]!


Every review helps to make the services you provide a little better, so thank you for being a part of the process.

Love the [BUSINESS NAME] Team.

Through the Facebook page

If you have promoted your business through Facebook, you already have a Facebook Business Page.

Also, if your Facebook page has a large number of likers, they like your Facebook page because they are interested in your product / service.

So this is a good opportunity to request Google reviews.

The following is one such example.

How to ask for reviews on Facebook business page

Via the YouTube channel

YouTube is also a good place to get Google reviews.

If you are a local business, you can promote your business by starting with a YouTube channel, as well as reuniting old customers around your business as subscribers.

Ask for Google reviews at the end of videos you add to YouTube.
For that, add a link to the YouTube video description.

Via a business website

Many businesses today have a business website.
If you do not currently have a business website, you can set up a free website through a Google website builder.

You can request a Google review from a pop-up or using a link on the about us page.

Link to Google Reviews

Via a phone call

If you run a phone customer support service, you can find plenty of opportunities to request a Google review.

The best thing to do when they call for service support is to ask if they can provide a Google review after providing a good satisfactory service.

By Receipt / Invoice

If your business is a grocery store or supermarket and often issues a receipt / invoice, ask for a Google review below.

Also, many online service providers now send Invoices to Gmail.
If your company also releases invoices digitally, you can add a link to get a Google review at the end of it.

By direct request

You can directly request a Google review through an in-store campaign or when you provide products or services.

Alternatively, you can offer a small gift to those who receive a Google review in-store.

Another way to do this is to attach a small card with product packaging that encourage customers to give reviews.


First of all, this blog post covered, Why is Google Review Important?

Google reviews are very important to build credibility online and to rank your business high in Google local search results.

In addition, we mentioned how to request Google reviews.
Primarily to ask for google reviews you can use text message, email, Facebook page, YouTube channel, business website, phone call, Receipt / Invoice.

In previous blog posts, We mentioned, What is Google My Business? How to set up Google my Business?

So if you are interested in more information about Google My Business, read those articles too.

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