How to Set Up Google My Business

Google search engine, Google Map, is now an essential tool for us.

Even today, billions of people around the world are using it.

So as an entrepreneur you can basically use Google My Business to take advantage of this.

In other words, Google My Business brings businesses and Google users closer together.

To take this advantage, first of all we need Google My Business profile.

In this blog post we are going to cover How to Set Up Google My Business.

If you do not know about Google My Business before getting started, read our article “What is Google My Business” to get an idea about it.

How to Set Up Google My Business?

  1. Sign in to Google My Business on your computer.

  2. Log in with your Google Account, or create one. Then, click Next

  3. Type your business name to Find your business. If you can’t find your business on suggestions then click on the “Add your business to google” button.

    Find Business on Google My Business
  4. Enter the business name that you want to appear on Google & click Next

    Add Your Business to Google
  5. Click the “yes” button if you want to display your business address on google. Then click Next.

  6. Enter your business address and click Next

  7. Then enter your contact details that you want to show to your customers. Click Next.

  8. Click on the Finish button. Now you are able to manage your business on Google.

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