Logo designing is one of the high demand business and a very interesting creative subject.

A few years ago when I enter freelancing the first service that I offer online is logo designing.

I got my order from a buyer request and I sold my first logo for 5$ on the Fiverr website.

That was the first day I make money online.

So here today in this post I’m going to share with complete logo designing business guide.

Logo Design Business
Logo Design Business

Is logo designing profitable?

Yes, logo designing is a very profitable business when we see it from the business side.

Designers charge $ 0 to tens of thousands per logo according to their skills and experience.

As well as it’s also a very competitive field if you are completely a beginner because it’s easy to enter this field.

To make your logo design business profitable and outstand from others, you need to create your own identity and want to be unique from others.

How do you become a logo designer?

To become a logo designer you first need to learn basic graphic design skills and then you need to choose the right tools to create logos. You need to practice more using these tools and upload your best works to your portfolio to show your logo design ability.

Here we explain more.

1. Learn basics

To become a logo designer first you need to know basic graphic design skills like creativity, the ability to use graphic design software and you need to identify new trends.

Become Logo Designer
Become Logo Designer

2. Find the right tools

There is a lot of paid and free logo designing Softwares.

Choose the right software according to your requirement.

Adobe illustrator is popular among many graphic designers because a lot of essential tools are there.

But it’s paid tool and there is also free software available like GIMP.

3. Develop your skills

After you learn basic skills to offer logo design service in real you need to develop your skills more advance.

Because only basic skills are not enough to work with clients.

The other thing is when you have more experience, it helps you to deliver the unique, ideal design of your client.

There are so many logotypes are there like Monogram, Minimalist, Mascots,hand-drawn vintage, and many more.

To deliver the best work, study all of these and be more skillful.

4. Create a portfolio

The portfolio is the way that you can show your ability, skill to others.

Upload your best work samples to portfolio platforms like Dribbble or you can create your own website.

But at the beginning

How do I become a creative logo designer?

To become a creative logo designer you need more experience and practice.

There are tons of logo generators available today.

Most of them are even free.

But demand for logo design is never lost because of creativity.

Computer programs can generate Logos using AI programs but they can’t be creative as humans.

Here are few steps you can follow to become a creative logo designer.

Become Creative Logo Designer
Become Creative Logo Designer

1. Get overview

When you get older from your client, to design a creative logo you need to get an overview of their brand name, brand colors, service/product that they offer, and lots more.

2.Sketch your ideas

After you get an overview, then get pies of paper and draw all the sketches in your mind.

Choose the best design from them.

Make sure to get your client’s ideas, requirements during this process.

3.Be expert

To design a creative logo you need to be an expert in your field.

You should want to know logotypes, newest trends.

Also, you need to be an expert on the designing software that you use.

4.Design like pro

To create a creative logo you need to care about everything you add to the logo.

Even the shapes, lines, and colors that you add to the logo.

The value of the logo that you create can increase if you insert meaning into your logo.

For example, the orange color is used to shows friendly and the blue color is used to show trust.

5.Add to mockup

A logo mockup is a template you can use to prototype how look like your logo in the actual world.

For example, if you are designing a logo for a business, you can use a logo mockup with a business card background design to show your client what the logo looks like when printed on a business card.

How to start a logo design business online?

β€ŒTo start your own logo design business online first you need to learn logo designing. Then get essential tools and resources to work with your client.

After the above steps create a portfolio and promote your business online to reach more clients.

How to start a logo design business online
How to start a logo design business online

1. practice logo designing

As I mentioned above to start a logo design business online you need to develop your logo design skill perfectly.

Because logo designing is very competitive at the beginning if you already didn’t have a reputation in the field.

2. create your portfolio

That’s why I suggest you create a portfolio using your best design works.

portfolio can build your reputation and make sure to get reviews from your clients when you deliver your works.

3. presence online

If you have the ability to design logos and already have a portfolio, then list your service everywhere that you can.

This can be your own website, a freelance platform, or social media.

Make sure to link your portfolio through all these listings.

4. Promote your business

These days presence online is not enough to get many sales as a business.

Because competition is very high.

That’s why you need to Promote your logo designing business online.

To it, you can use Google ads, Facebook ads, and SEO.


In the beginning, we answered – Is logo designing profitable?

Yes, logo designing is very profitable because it’s a service-based business and your profit depends on your skills, reputation, and experience.

To become a logo designer you need to learn basic logo designing skills first and then develop your skills much as you can and I suggest you create your own portfolio.

Then we covered how to be a logo creative designer and how to start a logo design business online.

To learn more advance, refer to this guide too:

How to sell services online.

A comment is this guide helpful to you or not.

Stay with us for more posts like this. πŸ˜‰

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