If you have skills that others pay it’s easy to start selling services online.

In another way selling your service online is the best solution if you didn’t have much capital to invest in a business.

No matter if you are a student or you already doing a job, your success depends on your skill.

How to Sell Services Online
How to Sell Services Online

When I’m at college I was looking for a way to make money for my robotic project.

To start a product-based business I didn’t have much money to invest in products.

I looking for different ways and finally, I realize selling services online is the best way for me because it didn’t need a single penny if you have a computer and internet connection.

Also, I can work from home & I didn’t need to rent a physical location like other businesses.

But before we start you should want to know this.

Like any other business, It’s hard to be successful overnight.

It’s need time and your patient when you selling service online in the beginning.

Here today in this blog post I’m going to share with you how to sell services online and tips and tricks to get your first client as soon as possible.

Can services be sold online?

Yes, Same as products you can also sell services online.

Most of the services that are sold online are related to digital services like graphic design, video editing, programming and you can also sell services not related to digital such as services like cleaning, plumbing.

How do I sell my services online?

1.Define your skills

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As I mentioned above there is a range of services that you can sell online.

To get an idea about services that can be sold online visit freelancing websites like Fiverr and see what other people sold online.

Then get a paper and write all the skills that you have.

Choose one of them that can be sold online.

When are you choosing a service make sure to choose a skill that you have interest in because if you choose a graphic design without interest how do you work hours with it?

Most beginners give up to early because they didn’t have much interest to service that they sell as I mention above. If you choose a niche that you have an interest It will not become boring because it’s your passion.

2.Find right tools

After you find your passionate skill, now you need tools that you need to offer services and work with clients.

Think you start to offer logo designing service. then you need to choose the right software that fits your needed options.

When it comes to logo designing software is not the only thing you need, you want to know about online portfolio sites, icons, color pallet offering tools too.

If you find the right tools it saves your time and makes it easy to sell your services online.

3.Develop skills and be professional

As well as in other businesses online service selling is also competitive.

That is why you need to develop your skill and want to be professional and want to be an expert in the service your offer.

all of the sellers that offer services related to you, have the basic skill and only who are the experts in the niche get more sales.

That is why also be like them.

So be professional and make sure to learn the A-Z service that you offer.

4.Create your portfolio

As I mention above buyers decide to buy your service depend on your skills.

That why I mention above to develop skills and be an expert.

If you are already skillful, how to show it to your buyers?

That’s where the portfolio comes in.

To show your ability, skill upload your sample works to the online platforms.

It can be your website or an online portfolio platform like Dribbble.

Make sure to get positive reviews, feedback from your clients and post them in your portfolio.

5.Presence online

As I mention above portfolio is one of the online presence.

But other than your portfolio there are also a lot of online platforms that buyers come in when they want to buy services.

You can list your services on these types of websites.

If you offer digital services Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, is the best site to list your service and presence online.

If you sell cleaning, repairing, plumbing type service you can find local sites according to your country.

5.Promote your service

After you list your services as a newbie to get your first order you need to wait until rank your listing on their websites.

It takes some time.

Until that process going on, to get your first order quickly you can promote your services.

Mainly there are two ways to promote your services.

First, one is promoting free through your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube if you have a lot of followers.

The other way is paid to advertise.

You can use Facebook ads, Google ads, and many more advertising platforms like them.

6.Compet with competitors

There is huge competition on selling services online.

Because it’s easy to enter sell service online than other businesses.

If It easy to enter the business, Alway huge competition there.

To overcome those competitors in your field you need to be an expert in your field and want to be more professional than them.

How do I sell services on my website?

So if you are completely a beginner I suggest you start selling on the above websites that I mention above than starting your own website.

After you build reputation, trust, and experience you can sell your services on your own website easily.

However, follow the below steps to sell services on your own website.

1.Choose service to offer

As same as I mentioned above get pies of paper and write all skills that you have.

Then choose the most suitable skill from that according to your interest and resources etc.

2.Setup your website

After you choose a service to sell then you need to set up your website.

There are lots of platforms like Wix, WordPress to create your website.

With platforms like Wix, there are ready-made templates for these types of works.

If you have a bit more technical knowledge I highly suggest you create a website with WordPress.

Because it’s easy to customize as you wish and there are a lot of plugins available to it.

3.Drive traffic to your website

After you create your own website you need to drive traffic to your site that buys your service.

To do this you can use paid advertising and the other way is ranking your website on search engines like Google, Bing.

If you can’t do this your own hire expert for this from Fiverr or Upwork.

4.Promote your website

If you have a lot of followers on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter you can use them to promote your service selling website for free.

5.Build your reputation

To get orders from social media you need a good reputation and they want to trust you.

Before you promote your service online build your reputation there.

It’s make easy to sell your services online.

How can I post my service online?

You can post your services online through freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and also post your services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

But I think freelancing websites are the best place to post your service online because visitors of these sites actually looking to buy services than social media.

1.Choose freelancing platform

When I sell services online as a beginner main mistake that I did is to list my service only on one platform.

Remember this there are a lot of websites to list your service.

Don’t stay on only one platform.

List your service as many as you can.

It helps visible your service to many buyers.

2. Show your sample works

When listing your services show you are the best for their requirement.

Communicate professionally with your buyers.

Show the best samples works to others and impress them to buy your services.

How to offer your services via email

This method is best if you already have an email list.

1. Get business email

I think you already have a Gmail account that you can get free from Google.

As Gmail, there are also custom business email offering services there.

These types of emails are looking more professional than Gmail.

Gmail is best to use personally but I suggest you get a business email for your business purposes.

2. Design catchy email

After your get, a business email then uses a catchy email template to communicate with your clients.

Don’t write 1000 words of textbase emails.

Use images or small videos to introduce your service and make sure to keep it simple.

If you can It’s best if you can use the AIDA technique to design your emails.

3. Find the email list.

Now you have a business email and already have a well-designed clear message to send.

Now you need a list of clients’ emails.

I think an email list that you find easily on the internet is not worth enough.

Because the most time that email list used many more sellers before and you can’t expect a high open-rate and buying rate from it.

The best thing that you can do is create your own email list.

4. Send your offer

The other thing is when you sending your offer make sure not to spam them.

If you spam them it causes you to blacklist your email.

To send bulk emails without spamming include an unsubscribe link in your email footer.

Don’t send too many emails and maintain your email sending frequency.

If you can include free offers and giveaways I think it helps you to build your trust and make a good relationship with them.

how to approach a business to sell your services

Most companies officially use emails other than social media messages.

If you want to sell a service through email, It also wants to be professional like an offering services letter.

To approach a business to sell your services I highly recommend you to use business email as I mentioned above.

1. Analyse companies need your service

There are a lot of companies looking for skillful people for their companies.

If you have the right skill set that they need, it’s easy to approach a business and sell your services.

Find companies that looking for services that you offer from advertising platforms and their official websites.

2. Contact them profecionally

As I mention above contact them with your business email.

Make sure to write it professionally.

Explain what services you offer, your price, and other information clearly and simply because they didn’t waste time on reading 1000 words boring email as I mentioned above.

3.Build relationship

When you get your first order deliver the best thing you can do and deliver your service on time.

Communicate with them very professionally and build good relationships with them.

If you do it well most time they, again and again, buy your services and they recommend you to others.


Today in this blog post first we talk about Can services be sold online?

As I mention above Yes you can sell services same as selling products online and there is a range of services that can be sold online.

Next, we cover “How do you sell your services online”.

To sell your services online first you need to define your skill. Then find the right tools that help you to sell services online. There is a huge competition on selling services online that’s why we suggest you develop skills and be expert in your field.

If you already have skills that can be sell online then presence online through freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

So then we covered How to sell services on your own website.

When you build reputation and trust via working on a freelance site it’s the best time to launch your own website.

To sell services online through your own website you need to promote them and drive traffic on your own.

And lastly, we cover how to sell services via email and how to approach businesses to sell your services.

To sell services via email it’s best if you have a business email and send a clear simple email to your clients.

Wish to become your business success!! 🙂

Post a comment what is the service that you sell online.

Stay with us for more posts.

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